Foot Surgeries

What Types Of Foot Surgery Are Available?

Dr. Metyk a podiatric surgeon, offers a range of different foot surgeries using the newest technologies and most cutting-edge protocols. 

Bunion Surgery

Dr. Metyk uses a unique surgical technique for regular and tailor’s bunions. He makes a surgical break in the bone and then restores proper alignment to eliminate your bunion.

Neuroma Surgery

In neuroma surgery, Dr. Metyk makes an incision in the top of your foot so he can access and remove the nerve causing your pain. By removing enough of the nerve, Dr. Metyk can prevent continued nerve impingement in the ball of your foot.

Arthritis Surgery 

Arthritis surgery is the best choice when the cartilage within the metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joint at the base of your big toe erodes. Without healthy cartilage, the joint enlarges and grows stiff before eventually growing completely rigid. With this surgery, Dr. Metyk can restore your normal range-of-motion virtually right away.

Hammertoe Surgery

With hammertoe surgery, Dr. Metyk removes a small amount of bone from within your toe. This minimizes the abnormal joint contracture. Dr. Metyk may also perform soft tissue procedures and install an internal implant to restore normal function. He uses a side incision that leaves the top of the toe scar-free. 

Plantar Fasciitis Surgery

To perform plantar fasciitis surgery, Dr. Metyk makes a surgical incision in the inside part of the foot or on the bottom of the foot. Through this incision, he cuts the plantar fascia ligament to ease tension and pain. If you have a heel spur, he removes it at that time. 

Achilles Tendon Repair

In Achilles tendon repair, Dr. Metyk makes a careful incision in the back of your heel and then repairs your ruptured tendon to restore normal function. 

Dr. Metyk also performs a variety of other forefoot (front of the foot) and rearfoot (back of the foot) surgeries. This includes traumatic injury and sports injury treatment such as fracture repair, along with any other surgical procedures in those sections of the foot. 

How Do You Prepare For Foot Surgery?

Dr. Metyk gives you all the preparation instructions ahead of time. You may need to fast before the procedure, depending on what type of sedation and anesthesia you’re having. 

Many foot surgeries are outpatient, but you should arrange for a ride home since you can’t drive yourself immediately after surgery. 

What Is The Recovery After Foot Surgery?

Dr. Metyk uses the newest technologies and most advanced approaches to ensure a quick recovery. For example, bunion surgery patients are up and walking the same day!

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