Heel & Arch Pain


Heel pain ( plantar fasciitis ) is a very common painful condition I treat.  I have treated patients from all over the world with innovative non surgical and surgical techniques.  Heel pain usually is worse in the the morning particularly the first step then can ease somewhat after a few steps. Pain can be debilitating.  I have been treating patients with two innovative techniques when the usual conservative traditional therapies have failed.

1. PRP hyper concentrated fracture platelets. A small amount of blood is drawn from the patient.  The platelets are isolated, highly concentrated and fractured releasing dozens of chemicals that cause stem cells and other healing cells to rush to the area to repair the damaged plantar fascia. It is highly effective with a 70-80% cure rate.

2. If PRP therapy fails in about 20-30 percent of patients it does not provide complete relieve. A minimally invasive surgical technique I have perfected eliminates pain associated with fasciitis in over 80% of patients permanently. It is accomplished through a 4mm inscision requiring 1 or 2 sticthes with no down time.

If you suffer from heel pain call me at 941-613-1919 I have a extremely high rate of eliminating heel pain in even the most severe cases.