Winter Sports Injuries and How to Avoid Them

Whether you exercise in the summer or winter, healthy feet keep you active. Most people associate many foot problems with summer. But foot problems can also arise in the winter if the feet are not properly cared for. Winter sports injuries can include blisters, strains, sprains, calluses, athlete’s foot, frostbite and even fractures.Hitting The SlopesOne…Continue readingWinter Sports Injuries and How to Avoid Them

Diabetes and Your Feet

According to the CDC, over 100 million Americans currently have diabetes or prediabetes. The most common (and dangerous) type of diabetes, Type 2, occurs when the body becomes resistant to insulin. Or, when your pancreas can’t produce enough of it.The body needs a certain amount of insulin in order to function properly. Insulin allows the…Continue readingDiabetes and Your Feet

Can Flip Flops and Bare Feet Cause Heel Pain?

In Kansas City, we need a lot of room for shoes in our closets! That’s the reality of living in a place where hot summers, frigid winters, and massive temperature swings are pretty much the norm all year long. And summer and early fall are definitely sandal time for a lot of us. At Comprehensive…Continue readingCan Flip Flops and Bare Feet Cause Heel Pain?

What Your Shoes Tell You About Your Walking Stride

How To Tell A Normal Wear Pattern Vs. Overpronation Or Supination If you flip over your shoes, you can tell a lot about your foot health. How? The pattern of wear on the bottoms of your shoes means different things. Your walking stride creates the foot pattern or pattern of wear on the bottom of…Continue readingWhat Your Shoes Tell You About Your Walking Stride

Foot Care Tips During Pregnancy

Pregnancy—and, of course, the parenthood that follows—will change your life in a million ways. This is true whether you’re anticipating your first child or you’ve already had several! Some of those changes are big, some are small, and many are things you never would have expected. That may include changes to your feet! Aches, pain,…Continue readingFoot Care Tips During Pregnancy

Getting a Proper Fit

Everything from serious foot disorders to more common foot and ankle conditions can be exacerbated by one, avoidable cause: inappropriate, poor quality, and/or ill-fitting shoes. Any podiatrist will tell you that a quality, properly fitted shoe pays big dividends for your feet—now and in the future. The most important quality…Continue readingGetting a Proper Fit

Children’s Shoes

Choosing shoes for your children can play a critical role in their musculoskeletal development, including their posture. In general, infants just learning to walk do not need shoes. Infants may go barefooted indoors, or wear only a pair of socks. This helps the foot grow normally and develop its muscles…Continue readingChildren’s Shoes

What To Look For

Avoid shoes that have seams over areas of pain, such as a bunion. Avoid shoes with heavy rubber soles that curl over the top of the toe area (such as seen on some running shoes), because they can catch on carpets and cause an accidental fall. Flat shoes (with a…Continue readingWhat To Look For

Athletic Shoe Guidelines

Athletic footwear should be fitted to hold the foot in the position that’s most natural to the movement involved. Athletic shoes protect your feet from stresses encountered in a given sport and to give the player more traction. The differences in design and variations in material, weight, lacing characteristics, and…Continue readingAthletic Shoe Guidelines